Police Blotter

Drug Task Force Big Players on the Block

11/26/14 | By | 631 More

Western Colorado is not insulated from the threat posed by Mexican drug cartels.

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Ouray Blotter: Stranded Motorist, Report of Possible Gunfire

11/18/14 | By | 130 More

11-10-2014 * Officer conducted a directed patrol of the 800 block of Main Street. * Officer conducted a directed patrol of Oak Street. * Officer conducted a bar check at O’Brian’s Pub. * Officer conducted a security check at the Box Canyon visitors center. * Officer responded to the Box Canyon falls parking lot for […]

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Ouray Blotter: Mountain Lion Attacks Deer on Oak Street, Welfare Check on Children Missing from School

11/11/14 | By | 225 More

Nov. 05, 2014 • 3 directed patrols were conducted at the school at various times of the day by both the day and evening shift officers. • A directed patrol was conducted on Oak Street. • A directed patrol was conducted on Main Street. • Foot patrols were conducted on Main Street by both the […]

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Ouray County Blotter: Newspaper Box Stolen, Deceased Mountain Lion on Roadway

11/11/14 | By | 93 More

11-6-2014: Prisoner transport to court.

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Ouray County Blotter: Domestic Violence, DUI Arrests

11/04/14 | By | 203 More

Criminal mischief, County Road 1 and County Road 22. Political signs damaged.

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Ouray Blotter: Underage Possession/Consumption of Marijuana, Phone Scam, Possible Credit Card Fraud

11/04/14 | By | 98 More

• Officer responded to the 300 block of Main Street for the report of a male party throwing objects at passing cars.

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Ouray Sheriff’s Blotter: Identity Theft, Skateboarders on Highway 62

10/09/14 | By | 195 More

For Sept. 29-Oct. 5.

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Ouray Police Blotter | Shoplifting on Main Street, Trespassing at BIOTA

10/07/14 | By | More

For Sept. 29-Oct. 5, 2014

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Ouray Sheriff’s Blotter | Car vs. Motorcycle Accident, Unattended Death on Portland Road

10/06/14 | By | 133 More

For Sept. 22-Sept. 28

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Ouray Blotter | Speeding on Main Street, DEA Prescription Drug Take-Back

10/01/14 | By | More

For Sept. 22-Sept. 28.

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Ouray Blotter | Burglary Alarm, Warrant Arrest, Domestic Violence

09/24/14 | By | 87 More

For Sept. 15-Sept. 19.

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Ouray Sheriff’s Blotter | Lost Hunter, Found Goat

09/23/14 | By | More

For Sept. 15-Sept. 21.

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Ouray Blotter | Protection Order Violation, Indecent Conduct, Rescue of Fallen Hiker

09/22/14 | By | More

For Sept. 8-14, 2014.

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Ouray Blotter: Skateboarding in Traffic, DUI Arrest, Animal Welfare Complaint

09/09/14 | By | 144 More

Officer responded to the 800 block of Main Street for a parking problem, and so it goes….

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Ouray Sheriff’s Blotter: Water Dispute, Motorcycle Accident

09/08/14 | By | 91 More

For Aug. 25-31.

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Telluride Marshal’s Blotter: Bike Thefts and More Alcohol Fueled Arrests

09/02/14 | By | 246 More

For Aug. 11-23.

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Ouray Sheriff Blotter | Male Arrested for Assault and Cruelty to Animals

08/29/14 | By | 99 More

For Aug. 18-24.

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Ouray Blotter: OHVs on Oak Street ; Main Street, Juveniles Fishing Illegally, Theft at Miners Park

08/26/14 | By | More

For Aug. 18-Aug. 24

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Ouray County Sheriff Blotter: Stolen Vehicle, Restraining Order Violation, Stranded Hiker

08/25/14 | By | 77 More

8-11-2014            Follow up on water dispute. Civil process attempt. Agency assist – Colorado State Patrol, stand down. Agency assist – Ouray EMS, traffic control for ambulance. Fingerprints at the office. Phone call request. Civil process served. Report of possible one vehicle accident, Highway 550, Mile Marker 89. Motorist assist, Highway […]

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Ouray Sheriff Blotter: Unattended Death, Rollover Accident, DUI Arrest

08/18/14 | By | 342 More

For the week of Aug. 4-Aug. 10

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Ouray Police Blotter: Stolen Vehicle, Vicious Animal, Graffiti

08/18/14 | By | More

For Aug. 8-17.

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Telluride Marshal’s Blotter| More Over-served Individuals, Thefts and a Quarantined Dog

08/14/14 | By | 299 More

An officer responded to a call reporting someone yelling loudly in Town Park and made contact with a known local transient who was also cited for “Defecating In Public”.

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Ouray Blotter: Illegal Camping, ATV on City Streets, Criminal Mischief at Ouray School

08/12/14 | By | 90 More

Ouray Police blotter for Aug. 4-10.

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Montrose Area Blotter: Fictitious plates, Only an Umbrella, Vehicle Theft…

08/01/14 | By | More

Montrose area police blotter for July 25-30.

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Ouray County Blotter: Restraining Order Violation; Motorhome vs. Cyclist Accident

07/31/14 | By | More

Ouray County Sheriff’s Office blotter for July 21-27

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Telluride Marshal’s Blotter: Transient Fights, Condo Theft, Hat Thieves…

07/29/14 | By | More

Telluride Marshal’s police blotter for the week of July 26.

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San Miguel Sheriff’s Blotter: Forgotten Chores, Jesus Returns, Text Threats…

07/27/14 | By | More

San Miguel County Sheriff’s blotter for July 14-July 19.

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Montrose Area Police Blotter: Forgery, Tire Slashing, Kidnapping

07/24/14 | By | 282 More

Police blotter for the Montrose area for July 20-23.

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Telluride Marshal’s Department Blotter

07/15/14 | By | 106 More

A guest at an upscale hotel on Colorado Ave. reported a diamond ring, valued at $7,000, stolen from her room and more…

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