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SPORTS WATCH | It’s Time for Redskins to Find a New Name Already

05/29/14 | By | More

Believe me, the change must come at some point. Why not now?

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SPORTS WATCH | A Breath of Fresh Air Coming in Belmont Stakes

05/22/14 | By | More

California Chrome will become the next Triple Crown winner, and it will all happen because of a strip across his nose.

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SPORTS WATCH | Firing Successful Head Coaches Is Simply Stupid

05/19/14 | By | More

Joe Lacob’s decision to fire Mark Jackson over personality differences is stupid. He will realize the error of his ways. The fans and the players already know it.

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SPORTS WATCH | Despite Their History, Can Rox Continue to Win?

05/07/14 | By | More

The Rockies are off to a great start, which generally means a disappointing season. Can Colorado buck their own losing trend?

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SPORTS WATCH | Silver Does What’s Right, Drops Hammer on Sterling

05/01/14 | By | More

If the Clippers could somehow win an N.B.A. championship and hold that trophy while Sterling looks on from whatever cave he is in, that seems like it would be another dose of sweet justice as well.

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SPORTS WATCH | Bills Fans Need to Be Careful What They Ask For

04/28/14 | By | More

If keeping the Bills in Buffalo meant a Trump makeover, would it be worth it?

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SPORTS WATCH | Who Knew Roy Could Turn the Avs Around So Fast?

04/17/14 | By | More

Yes, playoff hockey is back in Colorado, and there’s plenty to look forward to here in Avalanche country as the National Hockey League playoffs get underway this week.

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SPORTS WATCH | How Long Will Dodgers Have Patience With Puig?

04/14/14 | By | More

The young Cuban phenomenon is turning out to be a real wild card of a player for Los Angeles.

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SPORTS WATCH | The Players Play and the N.C.A.A. Makes the Money

04/07/14 | By | More

The players want their cut of the action. The education isn’t enough. I can’t say I blame the players. I would want my cut too. The N.C.A.A.’s game is up.

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SPORTS WATCH | March Madness: A Time to Be a Basketball Expert

03/28/14 | By | More

There’s nothing better than meticulously filling out a bracket and then having it, for the most part, work in your favor.

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SPORTS WATCH | Can Phil Jackson Work His Zen Magic in New York?

03/20/14 | By | More

I could care less about the New York Knicks but I will be completely infatuated in seeing if Phil can work his magic on yet another elite NBA team.

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SPORTS WATCH | So Long, Champ, You Always Lived Up to Your Name

03/13/14 | By | More

I, for one, completely understand the decision but at the same time think it’s a shame Bailey couldn’t play just one more season in Denver.

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SPORTS WATCH | What to Expect From the Perfect Host in Colorado

03/12/14 | By | More
SPORTS WATCH | What to Expect From the Perfect Host in Colorado

Are open displays of weed and weed paraphernalia now a part of our hosting norm here in Colorado?

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SPORTS WATCH | Please Fire Phil Simms at Once!

01/12/12 | By | 42 More

Making the playoffs is awesome. Having Phil Simms calling the game isn’t so awesome.

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