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Fired Up

01/29/15 | By | More
Fired Up

One Step Ahead of the BluesFire is by far the most exciting of the four elements. Earth, water and air just don’t hold a candle to fire. Fire is exciting. It’s fun to look at, it warms you up, it spreads fast, and it’s dynamic, perpetually in motion and incredibly dangerous. Just the light of […]

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LOCAL PERSPECTIVE | KOTO’s Painful Identity Crisis

08/21/14 | By | 313 More

Telluride’s community radio station is being torn apart by an emotional debate about its very purpose.

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LOCAL PERSPECTIVE | (Nothing but) Condos

06/27/14 | By | More

One of the interesting things about bad land use decisions is that, after they go into effect, nobody can see what isn’t there.

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LOCAL PERSPECTIVE | Why Fox News at the Montrose Airport?

06/20/14 | By | More

I wonder if the airport administration or the county, which owns the airport, wants to offend me.

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LOCAL PERSPECTIVE | When Bad Zoning Happens to Good Towns

06/04/14 | By | More

If we don’t move in a reasonable direction, and instead call the developers’ bluff once again, the vulgar term may not be strong enough to describe what happens next.

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LOCAL PERSPECTIVE | Breaking the Rules

05/27/14 | By | More

How did this purportedly progressive town, progressive at least in its own mind, end up so profoundly conservative in its actions?

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LOCAL PERSPECTIVE | Rules Are Rules, Except When…

04/03/14 | By | More

Four Corners braves the conundrum of Telluride zoning rules.

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LOCAL PERSPECTIVE | Should Local Voters Try to Regulate Fuels That Make Us Sick?

10/12/13 | By | More

Society has the right to regulate dangerous substances. But do sugar and carbon qualify? And can it be done locally?

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LOCAL PERSPECTIVE | Why We Fight: Lessons of Lawson Hill

06/11/12 | By | More

In a sense, Lawson Hill didn’t preserve community after all. It fostered new divisions.

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07/17/08 | By | More

What we are experiencing now doesn’t look, feel or smell like a normal downturn in the business cycle.

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09/15/06 | By | More

Our neighbors’ house is for sale. There is nothing unusual about this in Telluride, but for Marta and me, Josh and Peggy’s leaving marks the end of an era. They were great neighbors. Without much ceremony over the last dozen years we’d often enjoy a glass of wine and cheese and crackers on their deck […]

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