Guest Commentary

GUEST COMMENTARY | Sound Financial Thinking

07/28/14 | By | 40 views More

“I feel compelled to defend KOTO’s decision to not broadcast The Ride Festival,” writes KOTO stalwart Suzanne Cheavens, a veteran of more than 20 KOTO Live Broadcasts,.

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GUEST COMMENTARY | What’s Going on at KOTO Community Radio?

07/26/14 | By | 402 views More

KOTO has suffered through a period of division and discord. It’s time to get back on track and return to being the glue that helps hold this community together.

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Telluride Mayor Stu Fraser’s State of the Town Address

07/22/14 | By | 1,201 views More

Fraser highlights Telluride’s progress over the past six months.

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GUEST COMMENTARY | Reality Check on Regional Recycling

06/29/14 | By | 1,829 views More

Ever wonder where your recycling goes?

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GUEST COMMENTARY | Ridgway Dam Now Producing Clean Power

The power generated by Ridgway Dam will vary seasonally, with peak generation coinciding with large summer releases of water to downstream irrigators.

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GUEST COMMENTARY | Deep Pockets Downriver?

The Bureau of Reclamation is required to attempt to meet these flows as stated by the Record of Decision, however there are no consequences for not meeting them.

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GUEST COMMENTARY | A Case Against Waivers

05/14/14 | By | 262 views More

Former Telluride Mayor Amy Levek says, “Variety in design – shape, size, how a building looks or fits on a lot – is good planning. It makes a place more interesting.”

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GUEST COMMENTARY | Save the White Fir, Douglas Fir, by Acting Now

05/08/14 | By | 296 views More

Action time has arrived for those who want to try and save our White Fir and Douglas Fir trees from the beetle invasion.

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GUEST COMMENTARY | ‘Hard-Fought, Difficult and Not Universally Popular’ Action Afoot in Ridgway Schools

We sincerely wish Ms. Gomez, Mr. Hobbs, and Mr. Williams continued success in whatever new endeavors they choose to pursue.

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GUEST COMMENTARY | Water Returns to the Colorado River Delta

For the first time in many years, the Colorado River is flowing through its historic delta to the sea as a result of an intentional release by water managers.

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GUEST COMMENTARY | Water Management in Colorado

04/23/14 | By | 296 views More

District 58 Rep. Don Coram writes, “As Colorado’s population steadily increases, effective water management practices only increase in importance.”

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GUEST COMMENTARY | Water Plan Process Gets Scrutiny in Gunnison County

04/17/14 | By | 170 views More

The next meeting of the Gunnison Basin Roundtable takes place Monday, June 2, at 4 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Express in Montrose, and precedes a “State of the River” informational event.

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GUEST COMMENTARY | Gunnison Basin Plan Focuses on Value of Agricultural Water

04/16/14 | By | 184 views More

Current efforts to develop a Colorado Water Plan have been largely driven by a large projected gap between urban water needs and developed supplies, but Gunnison Basin water planners focus on the gap between agricultural needs and developed supplies.

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GUEST COMMENTARY | A Look Back at Old-School Irrigation Efficiency

04/08/14 | By | 126 views More

Remembering a time when the efficient ongoing use of the agricultural water rights ensured that those rights would not be abandoned.

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GUEST COMMENTARY | The Positive Impact of Volunteerism

In the last minute of STS9’s Peaceblaster album, an unidentified young woman’s speech is featured, in which she states, “There is only hope through action. No one changed the world by sitting on their couch wishing that someone would do something…stop hoping for action and be action.” This simple, almost random excerpt interjected at the […]

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