Guest Commentary

DISPATCHES | The Fading Promise of Tomorrow

08/26/14 | By More

Slouching towards Bethlehem…

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GUEST COMMENTARY | Ouray Residents Urged to Protect Healthy Trees, Destroy Dead Ones

These dead trees are not only unsightly and a significant fire hazard, they cause an extreme risk to any property they might fall on.

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GUEST COMMENTARY | Electricity…Where Do We Go From Here?

We can continue to reduce our consumption locally by meeting our electric needs more efficiently.

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GUEST COMMENTARY | Dire Water Predicament Spurs Cooperation, Compromise

While it is easy to measure how much water is in reservoirs, it is much less clear how much groundwater remains in the region’s aquifers.

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GUEST COMMENTARY | Learn About Your Forest at Aug. 19 Workshop

We are not necessarily immune to the shocking increase in mortality hitting our forests.

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GUEST COMMENTARY | Gunnison Basin Contributes to State Water Plan Debate

None of the eight natural basins has discovered a big pool of unused water to resolve the metropolitan gap.

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GUEST COMMENTARY | KOTO Made the Right Decision

Former KOTO Executive Director Beth Lamberson Warren says Ride organizers did not get “authorization by the artists, their management and in some cases whoever holds their publishing rights,” making it impossible for KOTO to live broadcast the festival.

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GUEST COMMENTARY | Reality Check on Regional Recycling (Part II)

Personally committing to recycle all possible products is a very important step, but recycling is an energy-intensive process.

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GUEST COMMENTARY | Sound Financial Thinking

07/28/14 | By More

“I feel compelled to defend KOTO’s decision to not broadcast The Ride Festival,” writes KOTO stalwart Suzanne Cheavens, a veteran of more than 20 KOTO Live Broadcasts,.

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GUEST COMMENTARY | What’s Going on at KOTO Community Radio?

KOTO has suffered through a period of division and discord. It’s time to get back on track and return to being the glue that helps hold this community together.

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Telluride Mayor Stu Fraser’s State of the Town Address

Fraser highlights Telluride’s progress over the past six months.

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GUEST COMMENTARY | Reality Check on Regional Recycling

06/29/14 | By More

Ever wonder where your recycling goes?

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GUEST COMMENTARY | Ridgway Dam Now Producing Clean Power

The power generated by Ridgway Dam will vary seasonally, with peak generation coinciding with large summer releases of water to downstream irrigators.

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GUEST COMMENTARY | Deep Pockets Downriver?

The Bureau of Reclamation is required to attempt to meet these flows as stated by the Record of Decision, however there are no consequences for not meeting them.

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GUEST COMMENTARY | A Case Against Waivers

05/14/14 | By More

Former Telluride Mayor Amy Levek says, “Variety in design – shape, size, how a building looks or fits on a lot – is good planning. It makes a place more interesting.”

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