Letters to the Editor

Good Restraint by Officer

08/21/14 | By | 258 views More

The good idea was the character and restraint shown by the officer.

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It’s Time for a KOTO Board Election

08/21/14 | By | 248 views More

You can run (a radio station into the ground) but you can no longer hide ( the membership rolls) or hide from the members who used to be the most important part of KOTO.

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Greenspan Ready to Serve

I think it’s time for new leaders that bring constructive action that solve our problems rather than over analyze.

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Ridgway School Year ‘Full of Promise’

Please allow me to be among to the first to welcome you to a new school year full of promise.

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First-Time Homebuyers Thanks

08/18/14 | By | 472 views More

We would like to extend a wholehearted “thank you” to the Telluride Association of Realtors and the First Time Homebuyers Assistance Program for helping us make the purchase of our new home possible.

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Pandora Mill

08/15/14 | By | 717 views More

I strongly support a feasibility study of the mill structure to aid in any decision of the future of the property.

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Colorado 500 Rides Again

Welcome back to Ouray for your 39th year Colorado 500 – you’re almost 40! We’re glad to have your “family” visit our “family”.

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Setting De Bivort Straight on Afghanistan

08/14/14 | By | 818 views More

I have never read a more astounding collection of misrepresentations and outright falsehoods than those put forth by Mr. Lawry de Bivort in his comments on Afghanistan in the Aug. 13 Watch.

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Keep McLachlan in Office

08/10/14 | By | 990 views More

Over the past few years I have gotten to know Barbara and Mike McLachlan and have found them to be a wonderful couple.

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J. Paul Brown, Yes; McLachlan, No

08/08/14 | By | 1,074 views More

Often in these letters to the editor I have attacked what I see as the fraud of man-caused, global climate change, nee global warming.

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Return McLachlan to the House

08/06/14 | By | 1,285 views More

Mike McLachlan has represented the 59th House district for the past two years.

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Montrose County Commissioners’ Federal Land Transfer Resolution ‘Irresponsible’

It is an exercise in futility.

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Take An Oath: Make Ouray Safer

07/31/14 | By | 1,124 views More

One of the great things about living in a little town is that you get to participate in many civic activities that you probably wouldn’t if you lived in a large city.

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‘Heartfelt Sympathies’ Will Never Be Forgotten

07/31/14 | By | 1,033 views More

The family of Dan Fossey would like to thank the many people who contributed time, energy, cards, and/or donated money in memory of Dan.

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Andy Frasco Language at Concert Series ‘Completely Inappropriate’

The entire Ridgway Concert Series team would like to apologize fans for the completely inappropriate language that Andy Frasco used during his opening set on Thursday, July 17.

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