Letters to the Editor

Sunday Is International Day of Peace

09/19/14 | By | More

Even though seemingly buffered from various national and world concerns, we in Montrose and Colorado can take part in our own way, but act we must.

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Vandalism of Republican Candidates’ Signs

What kind of people take a sign that supports a particular candidate from someone’s private property?

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Term Limits Long Overdue

09/18/14 | By | 27 More

It was disappointing the BOCC denied a request of local residents to place term limits on the ballot in November.

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Yes for 3A for the Long Haul

It is now time to consider the next stage in the growth of our schools.

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Tammy Theis for Commissioner

I am Tammy Theis, I am your Montrose County (MC) Commissioner Candidate for District 2.

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Loss of Peter Kinnick Immeasurable

09/11/14 | By | 71 More

I had the pleasure of knowing Peter Kinnick for 13 years, and sadly no more.

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May Will Run for Reelection

09/11/14 | By | 14 More

I am running for office this year, which means you get a choice and that’s a good thing.

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Thanks, TAR

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the Telluride Association of Realtors.

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Thank You, Mike Hughes

09/04/14 | By | 44 More

I would like to start this letter by thanking Mike Hughes for his amazing commitment and dedication to the Telluride School District and this community.

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Free Skiing for ‘Elderly’ 60-Year-Olds

Your recent article “Elderly Couple Rescued from Lizard Head Wilderness” presented a harsh but self-evident truth.

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Lezah Saunders Candidate for Ouray County Commissioner

Lezah Saunders is a fourth generation member of the Fellin family that has lived in Ouray County since 1896.

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No on McLachlan

09/04/14 | By | 22 More

No, lawyer McLachlan must be held accountable for his duplicitous actions and deceitfulness to the voters of this district.

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Thanks for Lunch

On behalf of the Wilkinson Public Library I would like to thank Brown Dog Pizza for furthering literacy by rewarding the children who participated in the Summer Reading Finale with their generous donation of pizza.

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McLachlan for 59th

08/30/14 | By | 10 More

Mike McLachlan, our state representative for the 59th district, deserves to be returned to the legislature for a second term.

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A National Problem

08/29/14 | By | 24 More

Who gives marksmanship lessons to the Missouri police, Mister Magoo?

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