Letters to the Editor

Illegal Hunter Sought

On Sept. 11, at about 7:30 a.m., a bull elk was illegally killed in West Meadows.

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Thank You, Telluride Medical Center

10/18/14 | By | More

The miracle that is the Telluride Medical Clinic.

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Vote ‘Yes’ on Telluride School District’s proposed Bond Issue 3A

Please know that 100 percent of the proposed facilities will be used by our students on a daily basis.

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Hollrah Fights Back

10/16/14 | By | 22 More

This letter is a response to Susan Watson’s attack on me in her letter last week.

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Vote for J. Paul Brown

10/16/14 | By | More

For those who believe the state, and the country, are on the wrong track it is an opportunity to begin correcting past errors.

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Telluride Students First And Most Important: Vote Yes on 3A

Your local elected Board of Education voted unanimously to recommend the addition and renovation project and placed on the fall ballot measure 3A to fund that project.

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Joan May Committed to Important Work

10/09/14 | By | 41 More

Please join me in keeping Joan May as our County Commissioner by voting for Joan on Nov. 4.

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To the Citizens of Montrose County

The Montrose Regional Dispatch Center (MRDC), and specifically the increase in fees to the user agencies, has been called into question recently as agencies are preparing for their upcoming budgets.

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‘Half-Truths’ in Hollrah’s ‘Hit Piece’

As Ronald Reagan said, “Well, there you go again.”

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More on TEX

10/02/14 | By | 50 More

In terms of spending other people’s money, one has to ask the TRAA, “When is enough, enough?”

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A Movement on Climate Change

10/02/14 | By | More

Inaction on climate change is no longer acceptable.

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OMR Hayden Mountain Rescue Thanks

09/27/14 | By | 36 More

Without the help of OMR, the girls would have more than likely spent the night, until less skilled people could attempt a rescue in daylight.

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No Joke

09/27/14 | By | 46 More

When the second and third letters are shifted it becomes “dairymaid.” Very clever.

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Is Telluride Town Council Intellectually Dishonest, or Incompetent?

09/25/14 | By | 122 More

I am writing concerning the action or non action, to be more specific regarding the issue of where the proposed new medical center will be located.

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Canine Influenza, and an Update on Dan Koons

09/25/14 | By | 28 More

I’m writing this so that everyone knows that, no matter how clean a boarding situation is kept, it can happen to you (me).

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