Letters to the Editor

OMR Hayden Mountain Rescue Thanks

09/27/14 | By | More

Without the help of OMR, the girls would have more than likely spent the night, until less skilled people could attempt a rescue in daylight.

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No Joke

09/27/14 | By | 15 More

When the second and third letters are shifted it becomes “dairymaid.” Very clever.

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Is Telluride Town Council Intellectually Dishonest, or Incompetent?

09/25/14 | By | 49 More

I am writing concerning the action or non action, to be more specific regarding the issue of where the proposed new medical center will be located.

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Canine Influenza, and an Update on Dan Koons

09/25/14 | By | More

I’m writing this so that everyone knows that, no matter how clean a boarding situation is kept, it can happen to you (me).

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Response to Art Goodtimes’ Commentary and My Candidacy

It was with great interest that I read your commentary in the Watch newspaper dated Sept. 11….

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Why I’m Voting for Ben Tisdel

09/25/14 | By | 47 More

This is the time to step up on the County Commissioner race and support Ben Tisdel.

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TASP Support

What a wonderful show of support for the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program at the 16th Annual Bob Miller Memorial Golf Classic that was held last week.

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Thank You TAR

Thank you very much for helping us realize our dream in Telluride with the help of a First Time Homebuyers Grant.

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Be Bear Aware!

On behalf of Wilkinson Public Library I would like to thank The Town of Telluride and The Telluride Institute for educating our youth and their families about how to be Bear Aware!

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Sunday Is International Day of Peace

09/19/14 | By | More

Even though seemingly buffered from various national and world concerns, we in Montrose and Colorado can take part in our own way, but act we must.

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Vandalism of Republican Candidates’ Signs

What kind of people take a sign that supports a particular candidate from someone’s private property?

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Term Limits Long Overdue

09/18/14 | By | 33 More

It was disappointing the BOCC denied a request of local residents to place term limits on the ballot in November.

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Yes for 3A for the Long Haul

It is now time to consider the next stage in the growth of our schools.

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Tammy Theis for Commissioner

I am Tammy Theis, I am your Montrose County (MC) Commissioner Candidate for District 2.

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Loss of Peter Kinnick Immeasurable

09/11/14 | By | 88 More

I had the pleasure of knowing Peter Kinnick for 13 years, and sadly no more.

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