Carbon Pollution Needs More Regulation

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We can be grateful that our President is at least doing something to limit carbon pollution which, as of now, has had no regulation at all.  It is not nearly ambitious enough, however, to prevent serious climate change and the shifting of our ecosystems.  The President’s Climate Change Action Plan (see is also a good first step, even though it is not nearly robust enough.  We are fortunate to have a President who at least recognizes the dangers that climate change presents to our life, liberty, national resources, as well as our economy.

We need a new energy future and are already paying the price of inaction.  Our National Climate Assessment shows the effects of such things as storms, drought, unprecedented seasonal changes, ecosystem shifts, etc. are having on our environment.  We need to overcome our excuses for inaction, push back on misinformation, and encourage our President to put his words into action.  Our youth in the future will praise the actions we take today to address climate change.

– Wayne Quade

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