Back Narrows Inn – Norwood’s “Living Museum” – Is Open for Business

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NORWOOD – If you’re traveling through Norwood, and would like to see a bit of living history, look no further than the Back Narrows Inn. Built in 1898, it is one of the town’s oldest structures still in use, according to owner Logan Tease, and served as lodging for miners, ranchers and cowboys more than a century ago.

Although the inn is now open for business, Tease said, he will hold the official opening celebration this fall, in peak season.

The inn has been in service since McKinley was president; a “living museum,” it retains its historic charm and coziness – something immediately apparent, upon stepping into the lobby.

In the back left corner sits a wood-burning stove, a reminder of the days when Norwood’s Grand Ave. was dirt road for horses and pedestrians. A series of black-and-white photographs showcases the onn throughout the ages, from the mining boom to the Great Depression.

The hallways feature original beige-colored oilcloth wall covering, as they did at the turn of the 20th century; the rooms feature antique furniture sets.

Many of the inn’s guests use the lodge as their home, as most are seasonal employees who commute to Telluride. “With the lack of housing there, many of them started to look at Norwood as a viable alternative,” said Tease. 

The Back Narrows rents its lodge-style rooms for a winter rate of $140 a week ($39 a night), mostly long-term guests. The rooms feature antique furniture sets, 

The Inn also pays for the guests’ Galloping Goose tickets to Telluride daily. Guests are able to pay such a low rate, Tease said, because the lodge-style rooms share communal bathrooms, which are cleaned multiple times a day. 

“This is a great option for those looking to visit Telluride during the winter, when there isn’t much housing there,” said Tease.

For those looking for a more contemporary layout, the Back Narrows also offers a block of 10 rooms, which were built in 1994, and feature microwaves, refrigerators and in-room bathroom facilities. 

Guests in the lodge-style rooms also have access to a communal kitchen, with an attached dining area. This summer, Tease hopes to get the kitchen approved for commercial use, and offer dinner and Sunday brunch to the guests on the sunny patio outdoors. 

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