Azadi Fine Rugs Announces Semi-Finalists in American Dream Contest

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TELLURIDE – Azadi Fine Rugs reports that the finalists in its Second Annual American Dream Art Contest are Chandra Belka, Tor Ringstad, Allison Wilcox, Frank Jackson, Gemma Andrew, Maddie McRoberts and Hollis Andrew, from Telluride schools. The contest was open to the children (age 5 up to high school students) of Telluride, and submissions were received in November of 2013.  Last year’s winner was Emery Berry.

The contest aims at allowing children to spread their wings in the world of imagination and to build on the essential elements that art and creativity bring to their lives. The theme is the American Dream.

“We hope that through art, this will open an opportunity to discuss and imagine the “American Dream” at school and at home,” says Azadi’s David Neishabori.

A rug woven based on winning design will be featured in Azadi Fine Rugs galleries across the country. The award recipient will receive $500.  The student’s teacher the also receives $500.  Proceeds from the rug will be donated, with 50 percent going to the GoodWeave Organization, working to prevent child labor in the rug industry, and 50 percent going to the child’s school.

Since founder and executive director of Good Weave USA Nina Smith launched Good Weave in 2000 child labor in the industry is down 75 percent.Good Weave-certified producers comply with an extensive certification standard and undergo monitoring of their facilities. Importers of Good Weave textiles pay a small royalty fee that Good Weave and partner organizations use to educate and rehabilitate former child weavers. The Good Weave label is the best assurance that no child labor was used in the making of a carpet or rug.

AMERICAN DREAMERS - Three of the finalists, from left to right are Allison Wilcox, Frank Johnson, Gemma Andrew. (Courtesy photo)

AMERICAN DREAMERS – Three of the finalists, from left to right are Allison Wilcox, Frank Johnson, Gemma Andrew. (Courtesy photo)

Established in 1790, 
 Azadi has a rich history of 200 years of devotion to handwoven rugs and their clients. Azadi Fine Rugs is the oldest company dealing in fine rugs in the world. A leading international design resource for the world’s most exquisite rugs, Azadi Fine Rugs is a member of American Society of Interior Designers and the Sedona Gallery Association.

Azadi Fine Rugs has locations in Scottsdale and Sedona, Arizona. For more information about Azadi Fine Rugs please call 970/728-4620 or go to

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