As Four Corners Withdraws General Waiver Request, Hotel Ajax Pursues One

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Big plans will be reviewed next week in Telluride, when the proposed Four Corners project and the proposed Hotel Ajax will both be before a joint meeting of the Historic and Architectural Review and Planning & Zoning commissions.

The special meeting starts at 6 p.m. on Thursday at Rebekah Hall.

The Four Corners project, which will be discussed first, is substantively different from what the two boards previously reviewed because the applicant has withdrawn an application for a General Waiver from the provisions of the town’s Land Use Code.

Developers of the Hotel Ajax, meanwhile, will be proceeding with their own application for a General Waiver.

The General Waiver provision in the town’s Land Use Code allows a developer to seek approval from the Town Council, following a review and recommendation from the two lower boards, to apply for zoning variances greater than what the developer can request through the usual approvals process for a Planned Unit Development. Even if it is awarded, a General Waiver does not permit the requested variances, which must still be approved by HARC, P&Z and, finally council as part of the PUD process.

Members of the public told council on April 1, when it took up the matter of a General Waiver for the Four Corners project, that they did not believe a General Waiver was appropriate. Instead of acting at that meeting on the General Waiver application in front of them, council asked for further clarification and postponed a decision on the Four Corners General Waiver application to a meeting in early June.

That delay was apparently more than the developers were willing to endure, and on April 22, they formally withdrew the General Waiver application.

The Four Corners project resumes its journey through the town’s approvals process next week by meeting with HARC and P&Z in work session to discuss alternative plans to what the General Waiver would have permitted. The new plan will seek less density and height on the rehabilitation of the historic Telluride Transfer building and presumably offer less of a public benefit, as well.

Barring a change in plans, the developers of The Hotel Ajax will still seek a General Waiver allowing them to apply for more density than the underlying zoning would ordinarily allow, in exchange for providing the public benefit of a 50-room full-service hotel. Without the waiver, developer Randy Edwards has said, the site on Colorado Ave. on the east end of the town’s central core, could only accommodate a 37-room hotel.

HARC and P&Z will be asked next week to recommend approval of a General Waiver to council.

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