ALERT: Dry Creek, Section 25 fires burning southwest of Naturita

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From: Southwest District Fire Management – Colorado BLM News Release

MONTROSE, COLO— Two wildfires on Bureau of Land Management managed lands were reported on Wednesday, June 11. Both wildfires were caused by lightning that moved through the area on Wednesday morning.

The Section 25 Fire is located approximately 2.5 miles southwest of Naturita, Colorado. The Section 25 Fire was controlled on Wednesday at 0.1 acres.

The Dry Creek Fire is located in the same area as the Section 25 Fire – approximately 2.5 miles southwest of Naturita, Colorado. The fire is currently 0.25 acres and is being managed for resource benefit within a 20 acre confinement area bounded by natural barriers and roads. There are currently two engine modules staffing the Dry Creek Fire. Fire officials are aware of forecasted high winds, and are anticipating a Red Flag Warning for the weekend. Due to the changing fire weather conditions, firefighters plan to have the fire secured prior to the forecasted changes.

“The Dry Creek Fire demonstrates that wildfires are managed in different ways,” said Mike Davis, BLM Fire Management Officer. “One wildfire may have several objectives, which can be modified as the fire moves across the landscape or as conditions change.” Fires that threaten life, property and important natural and cultural resources will be put out as safely and quickly as possible. Many landscapes are out of ecological balance, said Davis. When the conditions are right, fire is one way to help restore ecological balance across the landscape so the area becomes more resilient to future threats.

With fire activity increasing and fuel conditions changing, it is important for residents living in a fire prone community to consider reducing their wildfire risk through fuel reduction and fire resistant building modifications. A community that has adapted to wildfire is a better-protected community. Citizens, firefighters, homes and other structures are always safer when residents work to protect their own property by clearing brush, trimming trees and removing flammable materials away from their homes and buildings. Firefighters appreciate the help given to them by residents who are willing to do their part on private property to reduce risk prior to a fire incident.

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