A National Problem

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Who gives marksmanship lessons to the Missouri police, Mister Magoo? I haven’t touched a handgun since I last returned stateside from working overseas, but I guarantee you I could subdue an unarmed subject with one non-lethal shot.

Footnote: in the 425th’s 10-11 months on the streets of wartime Baghdad, we were mobbed by stone-throwers, hit with countless i.e.d.s, mortared, rocketed and pot-shotted at, and managed to do our job, neighborhood pacification, without killing or wounding a single Iraqi, though we did detain occasional bad hats pointed out to us by locals and express mailed them off to Abu Ghraib.


– Rob Schultheis

(Qualified apologies to the Show Me State; someone just reminded me that, a number of years back, the New York Police Dept., America’s worst police force, shot an unarmed African immigrant something like 41 times; I believe he was standing in the doorway of his apartment building at the time.)


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